Donating your unwanted PPE to charity

The team at Staysafe PPE Limited does its best to prolong the life of your PPE and protective gloves.  Unfortunately there comes a point when they are no longer any use to their original owners.

If your gloves have excessive wear or a breach in their protective coating, they are unusable by industry.  However, if the palms are intact they are still useful to volunteers and conservationists.  With the full knowledge and permission of our customers, we donate them to local charities. These include Arley Arboretum, Ricoh’s ‘Ninja Eco-Warriors’ and Crowsmill Craft Centre.

If you buy into our  recycling for re-use programme, we will also help you  by donating your unwanted PPE to charity on your behalf.  The profits from cutting  up personalised corporate clothing for re-use as wiper cloths is also donated.

We are exploring the transformation of used waterproof hi-vis jackets into waterproof coats for dogs.  If successful, we will  generate funds for a charity which supplies specialised breathing equipment for trained fire rescue dogs.

Again, our determination to make every possible use of your used PPE by donating it to charity not only compounds our corporate social responsibility, but yours too!  We offer a cradle to grave solution and alleviate the headache of what to do with used PPE!

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