Recycling your unusable PPE sustainably

All Staysafe's waste PPE is collected for HTI

Recycling  your unusable PPE to landfill is costly and damages the environment. As this is no longer a sustainable option, we have developed an alternative PPE disposal solution for our customers.


Because we do our best to prolong the life of your PPE,  ‘Glove and PPE washing for re-use’ is clearly a popular choice. As a result, we usually recover around 75% of gloves per wash.

When PPE is of no further use, our options include:

Our disposal process for recycling PPE ensures that nothing we handle goes to landfill

Veolia’s HTI is authorised by the Environmental Agency (EA) under the IPPC provisions of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.

Their Shrewsbury site is  fully compliant with the Waste Incineration and Industrial Emissions Directives.  As an industry leader, Veolia is certified to international standards  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS  18001recycling your unusable PPE

Veoila, Shrewsbury


Our batch analysis provides you with a transparent account of our processes. Because traceability is necessary for your waste management controls, we ensure that our disposal process is clear; this contributes to your continuous improvement KPIs. Furthermore, it also demonstrates the number of gloves used in a particular operation which could aid the potential for changing to more durable hand protection. We count every glove so you  know exactly how many pairs we collect, deliver back, and scrap.

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our disposal solution for your unusable PPE
Recovered, reusable PPE