Food production, storage and distribution

Food production, storage and distribution industries require a different approach to PPE.  You need to be certain of a  high protection level  in order to avoid cross contamination. Because cleanliness is our primary consideration; our process satisfies the most stringent of health and safety standards.

Of necessity, disposable latex gloves are most commonly used in food preparation. As well as supplying  those, we can help you with your chilled storage and distribution PPE.


Our impressive Otex system is used by the NHS and is proven to kill all detectable bacteria.

We have sent washed, soiled  and new gloves to be tested by a UKAS approved laboratory.  As we expected, the  bacterial activity on both samples fell below detectable levels.

Because of our  intervention, many food production and distribution employees  are no longer  disposing of used thermal  gloves. When they are soiled or wet we collect and  process them and return them sanitised and bacteria free.


Adele, the NPI buyer and team leader of a well known milk and yoghurt producer said, 

With our large workforce using PPE daily comes the growing costs of PPE and the environmental impact of sending used PPE to landfill. Staysafe have provided us with a solution to this issue. They collect our used PPE, gloves and bump caps, wash them and return them to us ready to  be re-used. We have saved around  £30K in just over 12 months and limited our waste to landfill.  Each pair of gloves can be washed and re-used approx. 5 times so good for the planet too! Washing uses no harsh chemicals, so another bonus”.

Thermal gloves
Thermal Gloves


As well as gloves, we are also washing bump caps and hi-vis vests, trousers and jackets for the food industry.

So, send your soiled protective gloves to us and

through our unique cleaning process you can save between 20% and 60% per item, per wash.

We can provide you with a complete cradle to grave service – supply, wash, disposal. We also send a batch analysis so you are able to monitor fall out and stock levels.

Contact us today to  find out how much you can save by washing your gloves and PPE!

Other types of gloves we can launder include:

PPE industrial gloves
Showa 708 – Ideal for professionals working in the food industry