Our PPE recycling for re-use service will enable you to save money on replacement costs AND help with continuous improvement and environmental KPIs.

  • PPE waste and disposal is a big expense for many companies.
  •  Discarded PPE is contributing to plastic pollution and  landfill waste sites
  •  There is a world shortage of raw materials

Use our service to reduce your environmental  impact, your landfill costs and your PPE spend. We are currently saving 63,000 items a month from landfill or needless destruction! 


Staysafe provided tremendous support on our recent project to upgrade the PPE for our workforce. The cost savings laundered gloves provide are huge, without compromising safety! We have been a customer for many years, long may it continue!”

Oliver Shaw, NPI Buyer, Frank Dudley Ltd.

“Cracking Service, quick, reliable, very friendly staff, and the savings are second to none ? ? 100% recommend”

Craig, depot manager of household waste site in Taunton.

With a large workforce using PPE daily comes the growing costs of PPE and the Environmental impact of sending used PPE to landfill,  Staysafe have provided us with a solution to this issue. They collect our used PPE gloves and bump hats wash them and return them to us ready to be re used. We have saved approx. £30K in just over 12 months and limited our waste to landfill. Each pair of gloves can be washed and re used approx. 5 times so good for the planet too. Washing uses no harsh chemicals so another bonus”.

Adele, Production Manager of a well known milk and yogurt company.


 Our team washes, sanitises, inspects and returns your gloves.  We launder and  repair your hi-vis outerwear. As a result we will save  you around 60% on replacement costs. We will only charge you for returned items which are fit for purpose, and for HTI waste disposal which is at cost.

By using our sustainable PPE and glove washing service, not only will we extend  it’s life,  we will also reduce your landfill costs and  carbon footprint.  We are proud to be saving around 60,000 thousand items a month from landfill, with new customers  coming on board every week!


Because we always wash your gloves and PPE according to manufacturers’  instructions, we guarantee that the performance of your PPE is not affected and we have test certificates to prove it!


Our UKAS laboratory test results prove that the washed gloves and PPE are as clean as brand new ones!  As a result, we at Staysafe PPE will make it easier for you to achieve environmental acreditations,  continuous improvement KPIs, and help you to reduce costs without compromising on employee safety.

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